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  • If you are a little picky
    about who cleans your home
    and how well it is done,
    we can help . . .


Chances are you will be in good company . . . .

“I started using Clean Avenue as part of my 3 month post-baby survival plan. They are so professional, honest, thorough, and just plain amazing that I’m going to keep the monthly service going indefinitely. . . .” ~ Amanda N., Sanford, FL

i. Nine out of every 10 of our clients have tried some other cleaning service before finally switching to clean Avenue

ii. About 20% of our clients are medical professionals

iii. Got allergies? Asthma? One out of every 5 of our clients is concerned about the quality of air in her home especially because of kids and pets

iv. The average client has used our services for 3 years; some, for much longer

v. 90% of our clients are moms

To be fair, we are not perfect. While we strive to always deliver excellent service to our clients, alas, we occasionally fall short of our clients’ expectations and our Standard of Performance. When that happens, we are always the first to own up and then do everything possible to make it right

Our clients are experts about how they want their homes cleaned. . . We are experts at cleaning for such savvy people

Your turn . . . . What are you a little picky about?

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Psst! Wanna hear what clients are saying about us?

“Professional surface finishes, environmentally friendly products, detailed oriented cleaning, hard working, attentive and service oriented cleaning crew! I have a 5 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath house with complicated furniture, lots of stainless steel, marble, granite, dark wood that these professionals handled it very well. My house is shining like a cathedral! I cannot believe this is my house. They did s much better job than my OCD self. Worth every penny!!!!” ~ Vanessa, Sanford, Fl

“Thank you so very much once again for the very good people you sent to clean my house! Their work is impeccable and my house is spotless! They are hard workers and I am once again so pleased! God bless you!” ~ Karen H., Sanford, Fl

“I absolutely love the Venezuelan couple that came today! They are very good! I am very impressed. I would love to have them all the time.” ~ Kathryn, Sanford, Fl

“Three ladies clean our home every week, large home and they do a very good job. They are typically on time, very friendly and professional.  If there is ever an issue the owners respond promptly, very trust worthy.” ~ Jean F., Sanford, Fl

“The Team was GREAT! My house sparkles. They did so much with having to work around my son returning his junk from University. Lol. I look forward to their return in 2 wks.” ~ Joanne M., Orlando, Fl

“I can’t say enough great things about Clean Avenue. The cleaning staff does a fantastic job; my floors are done to perfection!  The most important is they are trustworthy. Clean Avenue congratulations on a job well done! Thank you.” ~ Kortney J., Sanford, Fl

Keeping a house clean is not easy. The chaos of living life is messy. The Clean Ave professionals are very thorough every single time they come to our home. My wife and I really appreciate their hard work. Everything looks great when they’re finished. My hat is off to these two ladies.” ~ John G., Altamonte Springs

“I have lived in Central Florida for over 7 years and have had many different cleaning services over that time period.  I could never find a service that I was completely satisfied with UNTIL I found Clean Avenue! I believe that the staff and owners are extremely professional and treat my home as if it was theres. LaTonya and Priscilla, the two ladies who clean my house are AMAZING!!! Clean Avenues Service exceeds all expectations. I can always count on 5 star service every single cleaning. Highly recommended, I wouldn’t think about using someone else.” ~ Tiffany K., Sanford, Fl

“The team at Clean Avenue are the best I have found! We hire them for our office cleaning and house cleaning and always are impressed with the quality and trust we can always count on! Clean Avenue is the by far the best in Orlando always exceeding our expectations! And always an extra surprise cleaned item in the house or office you did not expect!” ~ Tim H, Oviedo, Fl

“When I first moved to the area I was apprehensive about selecting a cleaning service not based on word-of-mouth. To my surprise and much delight I choose Clean Avenue for the first cleaning and have used them ever since. LaTonya and Priscilla the two ladies who clean my house are wonderful! Both my house and their personalities sparkle. They do such a great job of paying attention to the details and use organic products that leave my home smelling fresh. I look forward to their visits every two weeks. This is a company that gets “it” when it comes to customer service.” ~ Jenna V. Sanford, Fl

“I’ve never had my house cleaned by a professional cleaning service so I have nothing to compare Clean Avenue to; however it was the best experience ever! Completely professional, extremely excellent services. Above and beyond my expectations! I would recommend this company to everyone who wants a good old-fashioned top-to-bottom cleaning! Thank you for the best cleaning ever.” ~ Vicki H, Sanford, Fl (Mother’s Day Gift by daughter)

“Clean Avenue exceeded my expectations on what a residential cleaning service would offer. Courteous, professional, trustworthy and they did an incredibly thorough job on my home – when they left if looked like it did when we first moved in! Fantastic experience!” ~ Nicole G., Sanford, Fl

“Clean Avenue was always on time with reliable/trustworthy staff.  Staffing is great, price is fair.  Management is open minded and always wants to improve.” ~ Gisele S., Sanford, Fl

“Clean Avenue Clean Avenue is an outstanding cleaning service. Gals are very friendly and hard workers. Best cleaning service I ever had!” ~ Karen H., Sanford, Fl