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With every service package, you get the following:

CleanAir Express™

Breathe easy (and dust-free) with our trio of Dusting-Mopping-Vacuuming  – the heart of the Clean Avenue Housekeeping System. Designed to refresh and restore your home indoor air quality . . . . This is where the duster meets the fan . . . . Where the British Dyson and the German Míele vacuums flex their muscles in a fight for suction & air filter supremacy . . . . And where color-coded microfiber towels tango with Lambswool dusters . . . To rid your castle of dust, dirt, & debris from the crown molding to the base boards. Go ahead. Suck in the fresh, dust-free air we leave behind.

Bathroom Spa™

Picture this. Your bathroom gets up and heads to the local spa . . . . Gets itself scrubbed down, scraped, brushed, flossed, plugged, and filed till every faucet, glass, toilet bowl, tub, sink shines and sparkles. Only in this case, we bring the spa to your bathroom. With the same result.

Kitchen Patrol™

The operational nerve center of most homes, your kitchen gets our special attention. With designated special towels (to prevent cross-contamination), we take our time and go top down, inside out, and left to right. That’s how we roll through your kitchen – buffing your appliances and making your sink glitter. With one single goal in mind: for your kitchen to see you coming and start gleefully whistling “You make me smile like the sun, Fall outta bed, Sing like a bird . . . ” (hat tip: Smile by Uncle Kracker).

Cloud 9ine Deluxe™

What’s the difference between sweet dreams and nightmares? Clean Avenue and white sheets. We start with your master bedroom (your own Lincoln Bedroom) and make every bedroom rest- and snooze-worthy. Our goal here is simple: we want to let your bedroom become to you what the Pole Star was to sailors of old . . . a place to look forward to (Hat Tip to Billy Connolly). So you and your loved can have a nice night.

Tiny Essentials™

Attention to the little details that are often overlooked. That’s what separates pros like us from the rest. Your door handles . . . Your light switches . . . Your fan blades . . . The top of your refrigerator . . . Your A/C vents. All these get our attention.

Move-in/out Extras (for realtors, property managers, spring cleaning, & new homeowners)

 Bathroom Spa Plus™ & Kitchen Patrol Plus™

This is Bathroom Spa and Kitchen Patrol on overdrive and Red Bull. Usually reserved for empty homes/apartments awaiting new residents, we leave no stone unturned in the bathroom and the kitchen – your drawers, medicine cabinets, cupboards, oven interior, fridge interior, every nook and cranny. In addition to the standard service packages above.

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Don’t see a cleaning package above that suits your home situation? No problem. Customized is our middle name.

What if you need your home cleaned daily, twice a week, every three weeks, quarterly, or every solar eclipse . . .? Perhaps you have a 4-bedroom home but you use only 2 bedrooms and need only those 2 rooms cleaned regularly . . .? Maybe you’ve got a 10-bedroom, 8-bathroom, 5-livingroom crib and your master bedroom is the size of a super bowl stadium . . .? Or, perhaps your home has a West Wing, an Oval Office, and a Lincoln Bedroom . . .?

We’ve got you covered. If you can dream it, and you live in it, we will keep it clean for you – properly and enjoyably.

Send us an email at and we will call you immediately to accommodate your needs.

In addition, please note that Clean Avenue will always respect your personal property, and never utilize your personal cleaning equipment or materials; our dedicated cleaning teams are all equipped with their own exclusive set of professional-grade cleaning resources that we’re happy to provide. (Client cleaning preferences always honored first, including materials.)

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