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“When Linda saw the Move-out Cleaning Checklist from her landlord, she kissed her security deposit goodbye. Then a friend told her to call Clean Avenue . . . “

Clients call us for our stress-saving brand of clean-out services when they face any of the following situations . . .

i. top-shelf realtor wants to impress clients and show off a home to its best advantages

ii. in-coming resident wants every trace of previous occupant cleaned off before moving in

iii. renters are moving in, landlord is currently out of town, and house MUST be move-in ready with no nasty surprises

iv. client is moving out of a rental property. Her security deposit is on the line. . . IF the house doesn’t pass the landlord’s “impossible” cleaning inspection (like Linda’s situation above)

v. client has just had some renovations done and she “wants her house back”  . . . by which she wants all the dust and every trace of the contractors and handy folks gone

vi. clients have just closed on their house, realtor is sure house is clean enough but clients need to make doubly certain house is cleaned to their taste

vii. client moved out in a hurry and had to make arrangements (from out of state) to get house cleaned and ready for hand over to realtor or landlord

viii. all parties need the clean-out job done once . . . with no comebacks

If you are in one of the situations described above, we can help

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