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  • Why Our Members
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Why us

As a member of Clean Avenue, you join a handful of homes & families who enjoy the following services:

Your Home Taken Seriously

Exclusive Service:

Because your privacy counts.

Your home is private. We help you keep it so.

You are part of a few select homes we serve every day, and on special occasions – effectively putting every housekeeping emergency in its place.

So we can focus on your needs and deliver our best to you.

Designated Housekeepers:

“I never know whom my maid service is going to send to my house.”

“When I called and asked for Lisa (who did such a good job last time), I was told she wasn’t available.”

Sounds familiar?  These statements are from people who have switched to Clean Avenue.

At Clean Avenue, you have a designated Housekeeper who is ALWAYS in charge of the team that cares for you, your home & family.

You get all the benefits of a live-in housekeeper with NONE of the liabilities & risks.

We’re the only one in the industry who assigns you and your home a designated Housekeeper. Your designated Housekeeper is your private concierge and is ALWAYS in charge of the team who cares for you, your family and your home. This way, your experience is almost like having a live-in housekeeper who understands your style, needs and standards.

Clean-o-metry Pros Who Care:

“You people give a damn about what you do.” ~ Best compliment we ever received.

Your housekeepers are professionals. Housekeeping is what we do full time all the time. We take your housekeeping seriously. And we take pride in our work.

We’re not just doing this until the stock market rebounds or house-flipping becomes the rage again, or until we win the lottery (that’ll be nice though). We live for that feeling you get when you walk into your home after we’re done and squeal with delight at what we’ve done. Usually, when our clients move, they move with us.

Fully Customized Experience:

Because homes are people and no two homes are exactly the same.

You like your home kept a certain way. You have certain products you just must have and a few you just can’t stand. Some of our members want their toilet seat raised up after cleaning; others prefer the toilet seat down. Some want the tissue paper sunny side up; others want it sunny side down.

At Clean Avenue, it’s your call.

No Hidden Fees:

With us, what you see is what you get. You don’t get charged any hidden fees – no cancellation fees, no re-scheduling fees, no pay-per-minute (industry rip-off favorite), no key-custody fees, no open-ended estimates, no bait-&-switch.

Our rates are published. If your housekeeping need is different, unusual, or extra ordinary, we assess and give you a firm rate (not an estimate) before we start work.

We’ve been told we’re crazy to do this but we think it’s only fair to you.

Expect different.

Consumer Guide to Choosing the Right Housekeeping Service

  Cleaning lady next door General Maid Services Clean Avenue
 Customizes  service to my tastes and standards  Yes  No  Yes
Protects my valuables & property against damage and theft with adequate &current liability insurance No No Yes
Respects my privacy by having the same designated person/team keep my home Yes No Yes
Does it all: cleaning, laundry, dishes, baby sitting, cooking, etc. Yes No No
Guarantees consistent and attentive service No No Yes
Offers clear, open prices and flexible payment options – cash, credit cards, check, cowries, bitcoin, etc. No No Yes
Works on Saturdays & Sundays Yes No No
Nickels and dimesme with hidden fees – cancellation fees, rescheduling fees, pay-per-hour, etc. No Yes No
Has correction process in place in case crew under-performs. No No Yes
Checks housekeepers’ background to confirm legal status, zero drug usage, zero criminal history. No No Yes
Has a process for accepting & safe-guarding my keys so my home can be kept while I am at work or away. No No Yes
Protects me & workers against personal injury liability through workers compensation insurance No No Yes
Protects me against potential tax liability No Yes Yes
Service takes hygiene seriously – to protect my home from cross-contamination No No Yes