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[Your Special Valentine Package] Make Valentine Last Till Christmas

[Your Special Valentine Package] Make Valentine Last Till Christmas

I can be whaever I want to be

I can be whatever I want to be [Image source: Reddit]

“Guest what?”

That was Fidelia, the Clean Whisperer.

She, Latonya and Ruby had just come back from a Clean Avenue home and we were doing our post-event assessment.

I knew something was up. I could smell it. Some have a nose for news. I have a nose for trouble.

Plus, I have learned that whatever comes after ‘Guess What?’ is usually a surprise. And, like a bad boss, I hate surprises – good or bad. Equally.

“What?” I countered.

“I think this home (after cleaning) would look great and feel more joyful with fresh flowers.”


“You know what, why don’t we take flowers along the next time we clean? You know, just to bring out the clean look and smell.”

Latonya and Ruby nodded in undisputed agreement.

“That’s no problem.  Call the member, find out her favorite flower and make it happen. Use your $50/home Wow Budget.”

“No, Kinte. We will just take the flowers. It’s a surprise.”

“No wahala.” That’s hakuna matata!

Return on Joy

And so, at our next cleaning event, we took some flowers along for the home.

And all heaven broke loose.

The member gushed with pleasure. The home looked gorgeous. And the trustees walked on air, all pumped at the unbelievable reception to their flowery gesture.

Then came the bombshell. This time from Ruby.

“It’s such a small gesture. But it makes such a huge difference. We should do it more often.”

I stared at the trustees. They all gave me that look. The one that says: you’re not gonna make this an argument, are you?

I could come up with one thousand and one reasons why we shouldn’t. All business-related. None makes people sense. Thanks to my well-developed BS Radar.

So, here it comes . . .

Sign up for our cleaning services before the end of February and we will bring along your favorite flowers. Free. Once every month. For the rest of 2013. That’s like making Valentine last till Christmas.

That means you can look forward to fresh-vacuumed carpets + sparkling bathrooms + a bouquet of roses (if roses are your thing) for the next ten months.  

The trustees’ bleeding hearts is your gain.

Happy Valentine.



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